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OSFR Presents Anti-Fracking Issue Before Marion County

OSFR Policy Director Explains Dangers of Fracking to Commissioners

On the agenda at the Marion County meeting of the commissioners was the request by OSFR Policy Director Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson that the county support the anti-fracking movement now sweeping the state.   She had many supporters who also spoke to the issue, among them Barbara Schwartz of the Sierra Club, Linda Bystrak of the Florida Springs Institute, Lynn Miller, Marge Hendon of the Florida Garden Club, Esperanza Castañeda, and the OSFR historian.

Merrillee-OcalaThe commissioners, a model of politeness and professionalism, listened intently, and at the end of the session they decided to draft a resolution supporting the recent Florida Association of Counties, action which opposes the current pro-fracking bills before the Legislature.


Following is the link to the Marion Co. BOCC website with a video of the meeting. 

When you open this site, if there is a medium sized box in upper right hand corner that says “Silverlight,”  but no video, then you must download this Microsoft  app in order to see the video.
When you can see the video,  you can find the following time-stamps:
Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson: Floridians Against Fracking presentation  time:  0:37:11;
Public Comments:   time: 1:18:45
Closing Comments:  time:  2:16:05

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