OSFR President Presents Library Lecture


Pres. Malwitz-Jipson Explains a Concept

Thursday, February 26, OSFR President Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson presented a lecture at the Cedar Key Public Library on the  state of our water, and the emergent issues facing Florida’s rivers, springs and other water sources following the passage of Amendment 1 last November.  The very-active OSFR president has co-authored guest editorials dealing with the problems surrounding the implementation of the amendment, which have appeared in newspapers throughout the state.

President Malwitz-Jipson spoke to a standing room only crowd, indeed people were standing, and she sustained a rapt audience down to the last sentence.  There were many questions dealing with everything from septic fields to fracking to excessive water withdrawals.  There was much mention of the Floridan aquifer, its importance, and its fragility.  Those present enjoyed an educational, professionally presented program both inspiring and informative.  President Malwitz-Jipson is very generous in freely sharing her knowledge and experience concerning water issues in Florida.

The Pres. & Molly Jubitz

The Community Lectures are held at the Cedar Key Public Library and organized by library manager Molly Jubitz with input and assistance from a collaboration of community groups, one of which is Friends of the Lower Suwannee & Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuges, a nonprofit, member-driven organization which works to increase appreciation of the natural resources of the refuges and are advocates for the protection of habitat essential for the refuges’ flora and fauna.

Following is a reprint of the library poster announcing this lecture.



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