OSFR President Smith Debuts the World of Water Permits

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President Smith converses with Executive Director Dr. Shortelle


President Smith with St Johns Riverkeeper Lisa Rinaman

Karen Ahlers, FL Defenders of the Environment, with President Smith

President Pam Smith jumped into the stressful world of advocacy today in Palatka when she, along with multiple OSFR members attended the monumental and disasterous official approval of a massive cattle industry near Silver Springs.

Several of the group’s members spoke out against the permit, acknowledged even by the district staff that it would lower the flow of the springs.

Dr. Knight understands the Silver River better than anyone. The board was not interested in what he had to say.

The large room was filled with an anti-permit crowd who spoke eloquently and frequently about why the springs were more important than a polluting and water-consuming industry.  The board however, made no reference to the concerns of the public and spoke only to the benefits which would come from the presence of this corporation.

President Smith and Tracy Marinello of FL Defenders of the Environment


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