OSFR Speaks at Friday Forum of Marion County

Delphine Herbert, Amalie Datz, Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, and Bruce Seaman


Friday the thirteenth was a lucky day for the Friday Forum of Marion County, as OSFR Policy Director Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, aided by the able Amalie Datz of Florida Anti-Fracking Coalition, spoke to group about the Sabal Trail pipeline, and fracking in Florida.

Merrillee expertly fields the many questions

The Friday Forum of Marion County is a nonpartisan speaker/luncheon series which meets on the second Friday of each month in Ocala.  Open to all, the forum was formed in April 2013 in order to provide a civil pathway to a stronger, more informed community devoted to the common good.

Organizer of this fine, well-attended forum was Delphine Herbert, who made things run smoothly.  Moderator was Rev. Bruce Seaman, the main speaker was Policy Director Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, aided by Amalie Datz, of Florida Anti- Fracking Coalition.

Merrillee gave a detailed run-down on the latest regarding the Sabal Trail pipeline, Spectra Energy and the future of fossil fuels in Florida, and then shifted into fracking, with the current bills in the Legislature, and the need for ban-fracking bills to be entered into Committee.

Amalie, never one to waste an opportunity, had her postcards ready and found a receptive crowd.  The postcards were already addressed to the Ocala area state representatives, and the sender added a short anti-fracking message, handed them in to Amalie, who will send them.

Many comments and questions made for a very successful, instructive, learning session, one more manifestation of fulfilling the OSFR mission.








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  1. Floridians Against Fracking will be on the agenda in Marion County on December 1st. We need local people from that county to start calling and meeting with their elected Commissioners and ask them to vote against fracking in Florida by supporting a Ban Fracking Resolution. Marion County: Comm. Moore, Comm. Bryant, Comm. McClain, Comm. Zalak, Comm. Arnett and they all have the same phone number: 352-438-2323

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