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OSFR president Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson taught a special class today  at Fort White High School.  Her presentation was made in the Advanced Placement Environmental Science class of Mrs. Stephanie Bundy.

The topic was about how people can be involved with and participate in the events occurring in their community.  To illustrate a recent  example  in the immediate vicinity, President Malwitz-Jipson recounted an event she entitled “How Citizens Moved a Gas Pipeline.”  Within this context, issues were presented which included fracking, eminent domain, gas transmission pipelines, liquid natural gas, gas exports, sustainable energy (solar, wind, water) and what citizens can do to participate and be involved.

It was made clear to the students that, as young adults, they also can influence their surroundings in a positive manner, which coincides with the main mission of Our Santa Fe River which is to protect our river.

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