OSFR Visits Alligator Creek Garden Club

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Thanks to Kristin Rubin for the following paragraphs about the recent OSFR trip to Starke to educate about the phosphate mine threat.

Mike Roth, OSFR President, along with OSFR Board Member Kristin Rubin, met with the Starke Garden Club, known as the Alligator Creek Garden Club, Thursday, March 21, 2019 to show a presentation of Phosphate Mining effects to Florida.
They were welcomed not only by club members, but the Bradford County Master Gardeners, who were presenting native bee habitats, along with building them and Paul and Kathy Still, and Carol Mosley, true fighters for Bradford County and all of the citizens of North Central Florida to do the best they can to prevent this violation of nature.
If you know anyone, friend or family in Bradford County, PLEASE ask them to attend their county meetings at 9:30 am the first Monday and 6:30 pm, the 3rd Thursday of every month and voice their concern.  Also ask them to read about and look at pictures of Mosaic mine in South Central Florida. Our waters, lands, flora and fauna do not have much time left; you do not have much time left. Water is finite and they will use millions of gallons a day that will then become non potable for consumption or farming.
Thank you for being a part of this growing concern!

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