An Outbreak of Ordinariness


The “springs bill” being considered in the Florida Senate is full of commonsense policies. The bill calls only for measures that should have been in place long ago, enjoy strong public support, and cost less than recent water management budget cuts. If asked, almost all Floridians would favor what is in the bill:

    • Finally mapping springsheds of major springs?
    • Adopting minimum flows and levels for major springs no later than 2020?
    • Deciding by 2017 on how to protect or recover the listed springs?
    • Requiring local governments to adopt at least a minimum landscape fertilizer code? 
    • Speeding up the use and funding of agricultural Best Management Practices?
    • Cutting back on putting sewage into the aquifer of springsheds?

Maybe the outbreak will be contagious and even spread to the Florida House.

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