Pallet Day At Madness & Mayhem Factory–OSFR Works Hard

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Terry, Bob, Derrick and Andy fighting with pallets

Today great strides were made when 32 pallets were magically turned into graveyard picket fences.  But not without a fight:  first, the slats on one side were removed (sometimes with considerable difficulty and even blood-letting), then one side was sawed off, leaving a row of slats, which were then “dog-eared” with the saw.    But many helpers made the job go fast:  Bob, Derrick, Chris, Historian Jim, Terry and Andy all pitched in.
Madness-palletsAnother view with the same workers, so busy they were unaware they were being photographed.  Two of these workers are OSFR faithfuls;  Derrick is unaffiliated, but we are working on him to become an OSFR member. (and thus get his hours!  HA!)

Bob King

Hard-working OSFR member Bob King rapidly conquers an uncooperative pallet, and makes it conform to his wishes.  Bob is also working very hard on the fast-approaching Our Santa Fe River Song Contest, Oct. 5th.

Our thanks again go to Terry and Andy Phelan for their generosity in giving back to the community by their hard work and gifts.


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