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Madness & Mahem 3 Coming Soon

Madness & Mayhem is coming to downtown High Springs!

Have you ever experienced a Madness & Mayhem Haunted House? They have put on a great show for the past two years at the Lions Club.This year, the haunted house moves into the old High Springs High School, downtown, next to the police station, where we will transform the already truly documented haunted renovated old relic into a realtors’ nightmare. Haunted House For Sale is the themed event, join us for fun and community volunteerism…if you dare!

Help OSFR by helping Madness & Mayhem!

The Madness & Mayhem haunted house takes in a lot of money, and they donate these proceeds to charities, such as OSFR. In order to earn our share, we must send volunteers. There are four non-profits which will split the profits according to the amount of volunteer hours contributed. The more we work, the more we get.

Volunteers urgently needed!

Wouldn’t it be fun to see The Mayhem from the production side? Volunteers have already started working on the set and you can help too!  If you have even an evening of spare time, please contact Merrillee at or Andy or Terry Phelan at , or, or call 386-454-8759.  You can also go to the Madness & Mayhem website or Facebook page for more information.

There is much to be done now and on the event nights of October 24, 25 and 31. On event nights they will need from 30-50 volunteers from around 6 – 11 pm. Tear-down and clean-up will be November 1 and 2, Sat. and Sun. and workers are needed then, too. This is a great opportunity to help the organization, and we are privileged to be invited to join the group. Please help if you can.

As well as time, they also need props.  Here is a list of props that are needed for the event, check your shed and contact Merrillee or Andy or Terry if you can donate any of the following:

Changing Table
Creepy Kids Toys and Stuffed Animals
Chain Link Fence
Animal Cages (Kennel style or traps)
Basement/Attic Stuff (anything goes: Large Rope, Broken Tools, Old Appliances etc.)
Free Standing Metal Shelves (Plastic too)
Wooden Crates
Barrels or Drums (Wood or Metal)
Table Lamps or Lamps of any kind
Kid Lamps
Wine/Champagne/Interesting Liquor Bottles
Plastic Chains
Candleholders (more vintage the better)
China/Curio Cabinets (2) OR Dining Room Buffet Tables (2)
Old Mirrors
Kitchen Tools and Utensils of all kinds
Pots and pans (Grimier the better)
Refrigerator (Non Working. Older the Better)
Lacy Tablecloths and Doilies
Sheer Curtains (Any Color)
Kitchen Cabinets (Tops & Bottoms or Just Doors)
Kitchen Sink (Prefer stainless steel)
Small Stove Top & Oven
Small Tables (Any Size or Shape)
Battery Operated Flickering Tea Lights and Batteries
Small Flashlights
Hats w/lights or Headbands w/lights
Batteries AA Alkaline
Tiki Torches and Fuel
Telephones, Desk or Wall, older the better

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