Petition: Don’t let Nestlé pump Ginnie Springs

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Stand up to Nestlé


Corporations like Nestlé should not be allowed to profit from public water. Nestlé wants to drain over a million gallons of water per day from Florida’s Ginnie Springs. They will bottle this water to sell it back to Floridians and the rest of the nation.

To make matters worse, the overall health of this water has greatly declined; most recently receiving a D+. The more you pump, the less water coming from the springs — degrading the water quality even more.

We’ve fought Nestlé for years — and together, we’ve beaten the company and protected public water.

The Suwannee River Water Management District is deciding whether to renew the permit and allow Nestlé to pump over a million gallons of water per day out of the springs – an amount nearly five times greater than previous companies who have used the permit.

Sign the Petition:

Governor DeSantis and the Suwannee River Water Management District,

Please deny the renewal of the consumptive water use permit (2-041-218202-3) owned by Seven Springs Water that would allow Nestlé to draw 1.152 million gallons per day from wells near and connected to Ginnie Springs. Neither Seven Springs Water nor Nestlé owns the spring, nor do they own the water – the public does.



  1. I’m signing my name, Kimberly Davies. Do NOT steal our natural resource, our beautiful water!Go away and stay away! It’s not your water! Nobody has the right to give out my email for any reason!

  2. I came from Michigan and Nestle pumps 400 gallons a day at no cost to them they are taking our precious resource for huge profits do not let them do this to Florida

  3. Please do not let Nestle pump water from our beautiful springs! The world doesn’t need more bottled water.

  4. Next it’ll be the Weeki Wachee River! And after that…it’ll be another river until they’re all dried up 😈

  5. Water is a basic necessity it should belong to the people not some company who sells it and pollutes the state with plastic bottles.

  6. Not only Nestles but OUR GOVERNMENT local county, and state we first have to care about who voted in commissioners and governor remember local commissioners are to blame too. We all know how Brazilian Chicken producers treat us know a Canadian company isn’t going to give a damn about our water either.
    If we have relation in local office SHAME THEM when we meet them on the street in a store full of people SHAME them loudly. point them out. I am for sure not afraid to do it. It is my well water they are taking too.

  7. It’s bad enough they want to deplete the fresh water from this earth, they pollute it with the plastic.

  8. Deny the renewal.
    It’s time for this to stop. Degraded water quality and single use plastics are a huge issue for Florida. We need to make a stand by denying this permit and everything it symbolizes.

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