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Planning & Zoning / Board of Adjust. – Meeting – Chicken CAFOs

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Planning & Zoning / Board of Adjust. – Meeting

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at 6:00pm

School Board Administrative Complex
372 West Duval Street

The board of adjustment will discuss this resolution amending the LDRs referring to CAFOs, as OSFR requested back in August of this year.  If approved, it will be passed on for approval by the Board of County Commissioners.

Here is the link to the resolution.  

Please come to this meeting to support our request.  This is an extremely important change in the county Land Development Regulations as it re-defines “intensive agriculture” and it gives serious oversight to  new industry under the guise of agriculture.  This greatly reduces the chance of new chicken CAFOs being built on the vulnerable aquifer.  LDRs are not easily nor frivolously changed, so we need to thank our commissioners and board members for honoring our request.

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  1. Planning and Zoning will review CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) Ordinance THIS Tuesday at 6 pm in Lake City.
    The first part of public meetings over the land use changes on CAFO’s to the Columbia County Land Development Regulations.

    tell your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to be at this meeting and the next one to be announced.

    Planning & Zoning / Board of Adjust. – Meeting
    date: Tuesday, December 20
    time: 6 pm
    School Board Administrative Complex
    372 West Duval Street (off HWY 90)

    for Columbia County Planning and Zoning meeting details:

    Ever since the chicken CAFO came to be in Fort White, Our Santa Fe River has been working with the County to improve the rules around how it was that this mega animal feeding business could go on top of the sensitive karstic soils near springs and our drinking water supply.

    We need local and at large community members, that want to protect our high recharge of the Floridan Aquifer, present to hear this process.
    And, when it comes in front of the Columbia County BOCC in January (unknown date) we will need you there too.

    This is one step in the right direction to have better protection of our Floridan Aquifer. What we put on top of our ground, goes directly into our water supply below through rapid infiltration or stream to sink conditions. Be a part of the solutions to clean up our drinking water, springs, rivers and lakes.

    1. Thank you!! I was at the meeting and was pleasantly surprised that the group actually seemed to be more interested in helping the county rather than not looking at the people talking. these people need to teach the commission how to act and how to take action on issues. I was also impressed to the way the set back was handled and I think more of the people who buy land, car, appliance,or any other thing they buy they have to live with what they purchase. NOT ask for special consideration because they want (GIVE ME GIVE ME MORE) to build something that is too big to fit in what they bought KNOWING before they bought the property what size it is.
      By the way chickens started arriving around midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning waking me up to the sounds of large trucks ramming through I didn’t realize what the commotion was going on until I couldn’t stand it anymore and then seen the many truck carrying chickens. OH! Nice I thought now they (chicken farmers) like to mess up my much needed sleep and my wife who is still recovering from brain cancer removal and she needs her sleep also (more than I.

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