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Sen. Charlie Dean

A critical moment has arrived in the course of the new legislative session in Tallahassee.  We must get the two ban fracking bills  introduced into the session.  These are HB19 in the House and SB166 in the Senate.

The key person to introduce the Senate bill is Senator Charlie Dean.  Please call Sen. Dean at 1-866-583-2908 and urge him to introduce SB166 to ban fracking.

The key person to introduce the House bill is House Speaker Steve Crisafulli.  Please call Rep. Crisafulli at 1-888-793-4597 and urge him to introduce HB19 to ban fracking.

Steve Crisafulli,
Rep. Crisafulli

There is already a pro-fracking bill going through the House.  We must get the ban fracking bills introduced.  The Florida Anti-Fracking Coalition has patiently and persistently visited counties and municipalities throughout Florida, and as of this writing we have over 42 per cent of the population in areas that have banned fracking.

Please take just a few minutes and make these calls.

Thanks very much.


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