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Demand Solar in Florida, here’s how…
We need you to write a quick letter to Chairman of the PSC: Here is what I wrote:
[email protected]s

Hello Chairman Graham,

As a resident, business owner, mother of 2 young boys, and leader of an active citizen based not for profit organization that protects the Santa Fe River in north central Florida, I could not be more appalled by the PSC decision last week to not incentivize solar use in public utilities.

And, please do not give FPL or any energy utility the right to fossil-fuel
frack another state for their customers. Make energy utilities
responsible for building solar designs in our state. Bridge fuel found
in gas is not our answer to energy independence.

I am not pleased that another assault on our Floridan aquifer and Florida springs
heartland is eminent from FPL, SpectraEnergy or Sabal Trails regarding the construction of a natural gas pipeline.

Please consider your leadership on energy and my future here with my family and all residents in our sunshine state.

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson
Fort White, FL

Here is the action as stated from LWVOC Natural Resource Committee:
***** CALL TO ACTION *****
You have all heard about the recent Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) ruling that supports the state’s electric utilities by lowering conservation goals by 90% and eliminating solar incentives.

It is important that we let the PSC know we disagree with these changes. Energy conservation goals have been in effect for over 30 years. We need these to REDUCE our energy use .. without them, energy use increases. We need CLEAN alternative energy sources, not more fossil fuel plants belching out greenhouse gases and other toxins.…/os-energy-conservation-gut…

Act NOW!*

Put the Right to Clean Water Amendment on the 2022 ballot


PLEASE PLEASE …take a few minutes to send PSC Chairman Art Graham an email expressing your concern.

Here is a sample email … please make changes to reflect your personal feelings so they aren’t all the same. THANK YOU .. THANK YOU.

[email protected]s

Chairman Graham;
I am in strong disagreement with the recent ruling of the Florida Public Service Commission that will allow the state’s investor owned utilities to reduce their energy conservation goals by 90% and to remove the solar energy incentives.

This now encourages more electric use so that the utilities have justification to build more fossil fuel generation plants. These plants will require rate increases to fund.
In addition, there is a significant environmental impact of using more fossil fuel produced electricity. These fuel sources increase greenhouse gases and other toxic by-products.

Wouldn’t it be better to invest in job creating clean energy technologies that will grow Florida’s economy while saving customer’s money?
In this day and age of climate change awareness, it seems very shortsighted & irresponsible to reduce conservation goals by 90% and eliminate solar energy incentives.

As a member of the public that you serve, and based on the goals you have established for your commission, I am calling for you to retain both the solar energy incentives and the conservation goals that were in place on 11/1/14.
Thank you,

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