Politicians push back on gulf oil report



One thing  we have learned during our advocacy days dealing with our legislative leaders in Tallahassee is that politicians’ loyalties can change in an instant.  Something like lawyers whose job is to represent their client,  politicians may support whatever bill because of whatever reasons are on the agenda at the moment or whatever deal is the most lucrative at the time.

That being said, we flat-out don’t believe what is written below about Rick Scott.

Rick Scott has done more to damage Florida than all the previous destructive governors piled together. Tough and honorable as he is,  I don’t think any briber could pay Rick “we’ll take care of our own water” Scott enough to make him say that, even though making money at all costs seems to be his mission in life.

This is also quite out of Marco’s  character as well.

See the complete article here in the Tampa Bay Times, then you decide.

Politicians push back on gulf oil report

Times Staff Writer

June 11, 2020

Top Florida officials affirmed their stance against oil drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday after a news report from Washington described how the Trump administration could bring the industry closer to the state.

The story from Politico relied on four unnamed sources and said the U.S. Department of the Interior might release a plan after this year’s election that would suggest drilling off Florida. A moratorium banning drilling in the eastern gulf is set to expire in 2022.

The offices of Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, who have pushed legislation that would advance the ban another 10 years, both said Wednesday that they will continue to work on keeping drilling away from Florida.

Scott said he wants “to make sure Florida’s natural resources are preserved so the state can remain a top destination.”

Rep. Charlie Crist, a Republican turned Democrat who was governor when the Deepwater Horizon rig blew up near Louisiana, sending tar balls onto Panhandle beaches, tweeted: “We will not let it happen again!”

Democrats and Republicans in Florida have found harmony in their desire to extend the moratorium — whether out of environmental concerns about fossil fuel emissions or a desire to protect the state’s white sands and tourism industry.

A spokeswoman for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, in response to a question from the Tampa Bay Times, said Wednesday he “has made clear his opposition to drilling off the coast of Florida.”

Two years ago, then-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke famously appeared at a Florida airport with Scott, DeSantis’ predecessor, and said “we are not drilling off the coast of Florida….”

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  1. Agreed – anything that RIck Scott says has an underpinning of self-enrichment. If it happens to coincide with something the public wants, great. But he has shown time and again that his only interest is the financial benefit of RIck Scott.

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