Polk County Is Not Very Far From Bradford County


Riding on the assumption that the Bradford County commissioners were not aware of the monumental poison-water leak by Mosaic into the aquifer, your historian today traveled to Starke to fill them in.

He gave a summary of what has occurred up to this point, although there has been little new information lately other than the lawsuit by local residents, and the mysterious package received by the Mosaic offices.

If Bradford County wants to welcome this mine into their midst, they must be prepared to go out and buy some water from somewhere, so they can drink, bathe and wash dishes in clean water.  If they do not want their aquifer to be ruined for the rest of their lifetime,  they can easily prevent that by saying “no” to those who would destroy it for personal gain.

The tragedy in Polk Co. may be some distance away, but it is a great example of what could come to Bradford County if steps are not taken to stop this insanity.  Speaking of steps, DEP Secretary Jon Steverson, in his press release, stated that his office will take steps to see that this type of mishap does not happen again.  Well, it has already happened again from the last time.  This same mine, then under a different name, has had earlier breaches into the aquifer.

There was no other mention of the mine, by public input nor by commissioners or county staff.  Please come out to the meetings if you possibly can, because the commissioners need to know that the public has not forgotten this important threat to our river and groundwater.

Regularly scheduled meetings take place the first Monday (9:30 am) and the third Thursday (6:30 pm) of every month.  The commissioners make it easy for the speakers by allowing them to speak at the beginning of each session, which makes it possible to leave after they finish if that is their wish, instead of staying for the whole meeting.


  1. Congratulations to the Historian of Our Santa Fe River organization who took the time and devoted the energy to visit Bradford County, Florida’s commissioners to inform them of the monumental poison water leak caused by Mosaic into the aquifer. Thank you for doing this extremely important work. And, the fact you did this effort in person…..was a wonderful decision. Thank you.

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