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Pro-Fracking SB 318Passes Committee

Merrille tally last
Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, spoke against

Yesterday Jan. 25, 2016, in the Senate Building of the Capitol at 4 o’clock, the final subcommittee hearing for SB 318 took place.  This is the pro-fracking bill which pretends to regulate fracking, but which actually was written by the industry and thus, facilitates it.

Senator Hays was the Chairman of the committee.  He made a prior decision to limit public input to 30 seconds each.  He did allow individuals to waive their time to allocate to another designate.  This right as exercised on two occasions.  Several opponents of the bill allocated their time to Craig Stevens. About 20 people spoke against the bill.  Sen. Hays  cut several speakers off whom he thought were not following closely enough SB 318.  After limiting the speakers to 30 seconds, the committee finished within 1 hour and 20 minutes, leaving 40 minutes of unused time and unexpressed opposition to the bill.

kimross tally 2
Kim Ross ReThink Energy, spoke against

Sen. Margolis expressed the fact that our country is currently experiencing an oil glut and so did not see the need to risk the environment by fracking.  Sen. Altman recognized the horrors of fracking, but said it can be done safely and that he did not believe our Florida DEP would allow any endangerment to the people or the environment.

The vote was:   AGAINST: Braynon and Margolis. FOR: Hays, Simpson, Altman and Lee. ABSENT: Dean.

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