Radio Interview With OSFR President About Fracking

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Tuesday morning MarkAnthony of 96.5  WJTK The Jet Radio in Lake City hosted President Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson in an interview about fracking which aired at 8:30 am.  Mr.  Anthony asked Pres. Malwitz-Jipson pertinent questions regarding the mission of OSFR and its many activities, allowing her the opportunity to explain in detail OSFR’s role in educating the public about the river, aquifer and springs, and the dangers to them and the environment.

Pres. Malwitz-Jipson Addresses Her Radio Audience

She outlined our current principal projects combatting the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline and its content of fracked gas, and what it means to Florida and the springsheds and systems in light of contamination, aquifer depletion, and catastrophe potential.

Among our many activities she also mentioned the role of our website in dispensing to the public information dealing with water and environmental issues.

In a relatively short amount of time, President Malwitz-Jipson recounted  succinctly but thoroughly in a smooth and professional manner the mission and activities of OSFR, perhaps the most active organization of its type in the state.

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