Rally in G’ville – Raucus, Loud, Controlled, Noticed


The protest today, Sept. 29, 2016 in Gainesville, well organized and executed by Jennifer Kramel drew around 50 people, animated and energetic who interacted with the passersby, with much honking, waving, chanting and singing.

Jennifer Kramel, Organizer                                   Charlie Trobridge (hat) Sue Karcher  Mike Roth             Cindy Noel

The faithful stood through heat, sunshine and showers, never once faltering.  The protest was over Sabal Trail pipeline, but also there were signs depicting solidarity with Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline or DAPL in North Dakota.  Quite a few people who had never heard of Sabal Trail went away with a brochure and new information.  The idea of the brochures was a great one and should be continued.

Your historian stopped people on the street, shoved the brochure in their hand and said “I don’t want to save your soul, I want to save your water!”  It worked most of the time.

Vicki Machado                                Robyn Dodd                                        Janet Barrow           Walter Bickmyer  Jane Blais
Karen Mullins           Cara?  sorry        Laura Dailey

A good showing came from OSFR, including Sue Karcher, Laura Dailey, Charlie Trowbridge, Karen Mullins, Walter Bickmeyer, Jane Blais, Cindy Noel, Mike Roth, Marihelen Wheeler and your historian.  Hopefully no one is left out.

Some Heavy Hitters arrived    Marihelen Wheeler  OSFR advisor

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  1. Florida is taking Georgia to the U.S. Supreme Court over Apalachicola River water use. The delta is drying up, and the seafood industry, including the famous oysters, is suffering, not to mention the unique environment.

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