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joinnow transp bckgrdThe following letter was received from an OSFR member who is renewing her membership.  We thought we would share her thoughts and reasons here for which she has graciously given her permission.

OSFR has worked very hard on the Sabal Trail since its inception some years back.  We work equally hard on other issues as well, including fracking, a proposed phosphate mine on the Santa Fe River, and concentrated animal feeding operations on high-recharge areas of the aquifer.

Since you are reading this post, it is likely that you have an interest in protecting our valuable water resources, and a realization that they need protecting.  Please tell others about us and encourage them to join OSFR, as we can do nothing by ourselves, and we depend on yo.

Dear Pamela,

I had been more actively involved with protesting Sable Trail until last Fall.  The proposed pipeline crosses the private road we use about a 1/2 of a mile from our house in Gilchrist county.  We had a family illness and I had to back off from my involvement.  To be honest, I was also letting the corruption of the system including big oil/gas, our county commissioners, Governor Scott, Sen. Rubio and Congressman Yoho get the better of me.  FERC’s rubber stamping along with the EPA’s lack of clout didn’t help.  And finally, very few people including my neighbors directly affected by Sable Trail seemed to care about the environmental impact, much less the inappropriate use of eminent domain to secure land.  I am so grateful for your work and that of Merrillee.  I continue to follow the Sable Trail issue closely and hope the army corps of engineers sees reason and doesn’t issue the final permit.

So to you I can only say, thank you for caring and thank you for your action in this and all other matters regarding the protection of our precious natural resources.


Jane (Hatker)

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