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Do The Rules Not Apply to The Wealthy? — or how to destroy Florida for profit

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The Bradenton Times has this disheartening article on March 8, 2017.  Read it here and get angry.

This is the story of two  developers who break the rules for their personal profit, Pat Neil and Carlos Beruff.

Corruption continues at an astounding pace in Florida, in our state agencies and in our water management districts.

As does the construction, as seen at the end of the article.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life:  once taken, it cannot be brought back-


The Bradenton Times

Appeal of Neal’s Swiftmud Permit for Perico Wetland Destruction to be Livestreamed Thursday

Dennis Maley•

Wednesday, Mar 08, 2017

BRADENTON — On Thursday, the 5th District Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach will hear oral arguments on a consortium of local environmentalists’ appeal of a permit that would allow the destruction of wetlands in order to facilitate the development desires of a politically-connected builder. The hearing will be livestreamed over the DCA’s website.

The Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage, Suncoast Waterkeeper, Manasota 88, Sierra Club and TBT Publisher Joe McClash are asking the four-judge panel to reverse a Southwest Florida Water Management District order that awarded developer Pat Neal a controversial permit to destroy mangroves and build on the coastal wetlands of Perico Island.


SEE ALSO: Beruff Seeks ACOE Approval for Long Bar Mitigation Bank Amidst Claims of Undue Influence by Former DEP Employees


In 2015, the Swiftmud board rejected an administrative law judge’s recommended order before approving the permit. The appeal claims the board improperly changed findings of fact made by the administrative law judge when granting the permit.


LIMIT THE USE of fertilizers and pesticides in your environment. Remember that because of our Karst Topography, chemicals used on your lawn and garden can drain quickly into our aquifer and then flow back up into our springs and rivers. Click here for more ideas.

The decision was made even more controversial because it was led by then Swiftmud board member Carlos Beruff, a fellow developer and sometimes business partner of Neal’s. Neal wants to build a four-home compound on three and a half waterfront acres of a 40-acre parcel he owns on Anna Maria Sound that does not comply with City of Bradenton development rules or state guidelines on wetlands.


Perhaps more troubling, work has begun on the area in question (see pictures below), despite not only the Swiftmud appeal, but a pending suit by Suncoast Waterkeeper against the City of Bradenton for not following its own rules in approving the project. Additionally, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who must also issue a permit, has not yet weighed in.


The hearing begins at 9 a.m. Click here to view the 5th DCA’s livestream page.






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  1. Same as the chicken farm in fort white start construction ahead of approval KNOWING the commissioners are drooling and are so crooked when they die they will have to screwed into the ground. NO politician is honest anymore. Just make more laws ain’t gona be any good old boy going to enforce the $$$ out on it’s ear. Used to be a loud inadequate noisy exhaust system that keep waking us every night from the sheriffs nephew was against the law. BUT laws are not for politicians family’s.
    no enforcing of laws ’cause look at all the money we will loose simple money!!

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