Rum Island Park In New Tourism Film


Rum Island Park, as well as OSFR headquarters Rum 138 and Ichetucknee Springs are all mentioned in a new tourism film “How to do Florida,” to be shown locally Aug. 3.

Unfortunately, what we are missing in the newspaper article are pictures of the springs: “We’re here because of the springs,” Schroeder said. “It’s one of the things that we definitely wanted to highlight…”

See the original article here in the Lake City Reporter.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
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‘How to Do Florida’ takes on Columbia County

Soon the entire state will see what makes our area so special.

By TONY BRITT [email protected]

Diving in Ichetucknee Springs State Park Blue Hole, shopping and taking part in a cooking clinic at Fifth Generation Farms as well as touring the downtown area and paddleboarding, snorkeling and kayaking at Rum Island park are all activities local residents can enjoy on a weekly basis.

While residents are familiar with the activities and venues, soon the entire state will have the opportunity to get a glimpse at Columbia County. Several of the activities mentioned above will be featured on an an episode of “How to Do Florida,” a 30-minute television show that showcases different areas, events and activities around the state with show host Chad Crawford.

The television show specializes in showcasing the unexplored areas of Florida. Wednesday and Thursday the film crew, show host and producer traveled around Columbia County filming a variety of activities and scenes from the area. “We’re kind of all over the place, but yeah, it’s two days of production,” said Katie Schroeder, “How to Do Florida” producer. The crew was filming episode 10 for this season.

The show is scheduled to air 1 p.m. Aug. 3 on the Gainesville ABC affiliate and later on the Jacksonville Fox affiliate. No broadcast time was given for airing on the Fox network. Paula Vann, Columbia County Tourist Development Council Executive Director, said Visit Florida representatives introduced her to “How to Do Florida” representatives in September at the Governor’s conference.

“We kept in touch and I told them a little bit about what we do and have here in Columbia County and they were interested in coming here,” she said. “We went through a few different scripts of what would work and what we wanted to highlight, what makes us unique and what people might not know. We’re happy to have them here.” She said the project to film and highlight the county is being funded by the TDC.

“We’re here because of the springs,” Schroeder said. “It’s one of the things that we definitely wanted to highlight and dive down into, pun intended — just to show off all the different experiences you can experience in the springs here.” Wednesday the film crew and Crawford spent most of their day diving with Mark Fowler in Ichetucknee Springs State Park’s Blue Hole, before heading into town for a film session at Fifth Generation Farms where they talked about the store’s history and were scheduled to take part in a cooking clinic.

On Thursday the film crew shot scenes from the downtown area including capturing local icons and landmarks such as the work on the Blanche Renovation Project, Columbia County Courthouse, Halpatter Brewery and Marion Street Tavern, the Welcome to Lake City gates and concluded their day at Rum Island Park.

The film crew was expected to interview Merrillee MalwitzJipson at the Rum 138 restaurant and art gallery and then go kayaking, snorkeling, paddleboarding and explore the Santa Fe River during its visit to Rum Island Park.

“We’re really excited to go downtown to Lake City,” Schroeder said. “We feel there are up and coming things coming about. We know there are a lot of new businesses popping up, so Chad is going to be exploring downtown on Marion Street. With our show, ‘How to Do Florida,’ it’s really important for Chad and all of us to promote getting out and exploring all of these different places.”

*photo by Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson