Sabal Trail Still Trying To Whitewash Negative Aspects Of Proposed Pipeline

Andrea Grover

Today’s Gainesville Sun carried an opinion piece about Sabal Trail’s proposed 474-mile pipeline across north Florida’s fragile spring system, touting its safety record and environmental concerns.  The article, by Sabal Trail’s spokesperson Andrea Grover, can be read here in its entirety at this LINK.  ScrollIn this article, the spokesperson has added new vocabulary such as “karst terrain,” “aquifers,” “Ichetucknee River,”Ginnie Springs,” “Wacasassa Flats,” and so on, hoping for a positive impression by flashing these words before us, somewhat like the old technique of subliminal advertising at the movies.

But there is nothing new:  to counteract the concern for safety, the article says the pipeline will be safe.  To counteract the concern about exporting the gas, the article says Sabal Trail has no plans right now to do that.  To counteract the concern about eminent domain, the article says Sabal Trail won’t use that threat to negiotiate, but maybe as a last resort.  So, we can all be tucked into our beds tonight and go to sleep and dream happily of good things, with no worries.  All is well.  Not.

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