Santa Fe Basin Nitrate Study In Final Round


Dr. Rick Copeland of AquiferWatch has initiated the final round of the Santa Fe Basin Ground Water Nitrate Study, which was begun last September with a workshop held at OSFR headquarters at RUM 138.  An overview of the program is as follows:

RickCopeland2nd round
Dr. Copeland at well #1

For a quick review, Alachua County Environmental protection Department (ACEPD) obtained a grant from the State of Florida to obtain groundwater samples from wells and springs in the Sana Fe basin and have them chemically analyzed.  The majority of the funds ar reserved for the chemical analyses using their laboratory.  Current Problems Inc. and AquiferWatch agreed to assist in finding volunteers who would agree to sample their own wells.  Finally, AquiferWatch agreed to coordinate volunteer sample collection.

George Edwards Records Well Samples at Rum 138

May 16 and 17 were the two options for taking samples, which were to be deposited at Rum 138 or two options in High Springs.  Today’s assistant at Rum 138 was AquiferWatch member geologist George Edwards of Gainesville, who explained that the study hopes to begin identifying any apparent trends in nitrate quantities in the local wells.  Results of the study should be available sometime this summer, according to Dr. Copeland.

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