Santa Fe Basin Nitrates Sampling Project Update



Standing: OSFR President Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, Aquifer Watch workshop leaders George Edwards and Jim Hatchitt at OSFR headquarters.

A workshop for the sampling of the wells for nitrates in the Poe Springs area, sponsored by AquiferWatch and hosted by OSFR, was held on Sept. 8 at OSFR headquarters at Rum 138.  Later, Dr. Rick Copeland send the following reminder and instructions for the sampling:

Please call me (850-559-7199) if you were planning to sample on Saturday, September 13.

A. Plan on collecting your sample on either Sunday or Monday, preferably in the morning about 10:00 AM.

B. Prior to sampling, fill out the field form. There will be four “fields” of information on each bottle
a. Water Body: Your name.
b. County: County of well.
c. Date: Date sample is collected (either September 14 or September 15).
d. Number: Leave Blank (It will be assigned during well reconnaissance at a future date)
e. Please add the time of sample collection somewhere on the form.

C. Prior to sampling, fill complete the labeling of the two bottles. Use pencil or magic maker. (Do not use ink as it will fade when it gets wet.)

D. Be sure to identify the correct well.

E. Obtain the sample at the spigot as close as you can nearest the well (Do not let the sample water run through a filter system).

F. Purge the well by letting the water run from your well for 10 minutes minimum.

G. After purging the well (after about 10 minutes), for each bottle, rinse the bottle cap and bottle and then slowly fill the bottle to about ¾ inch from the top. Put the cap on the bottle.

H. Place the two bottles in the zip lock bag and place the packet on ice or in your refrigerator.

I. When you are ready to transport the packet, place packet on ice (or ice cubes in packet) and deliver entire packet to one of the three locations below. Please do so by 2:00 PM.
a. Karst Environmental Services: 5779 NE County Road 340, High Springs
b. Extreme Exposure: (Dive shop at location of old Post office in High Springs) 25 South Main Street, High Springs
c. Rum 138: 460 SW Riverland Ct (corner of Riverland Ct and CR 138).

At each of the three drop-off locations, there will be someone there to check in your samples.

Thank you,
Rick Copeland
Director – AquiferWatch
P.O. Box 11185
Tallahassee, FL 32302
(850) 559-7199
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