Santa Fe River Cleanup June 10 This Saturday



Sponsored by Island Global Yachting (Gainesville) and their Staff this River Clean Up will meet at Hollingsworth Ramp at 7:45 am to drop boats. Drivers may drive their cars to take out spot at private home in Three Rivers (242 SW Santa Fe Dr FT White, FL). There will be NO shuttles back from that location so everyone needs to arrange for their own pick up or take their cars there. Drivers will be brought back to Hollingsworth and all boats will put in the water at 9 AM. Expected take out is 2pm -3 pm depending on speed of trash pick up. Bring lunch, river shoes, sunscreen, hats, masks, and grippers and mesh bags (if you have them). For more information contact Rhonda Long, OSFR Stewardship Director at (321) 505-3228. THANKS TO Mike Watson at ISLAND GLOBAL YACHTING for organizing
Island Global has created banners and is underwriting T-Shirts, Grabbers and Mesh Bags for this Clean Up.
Michael Watson Sr. Systems Administrator Island Global Yachting 2201 NW 40th Terrace Gainesville, FL 32605-3574 T: 386.868.0416 M: 646-675-6265 E: [email protected]
Feel free to call him for a quote.
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