Santa Fe River’s new Zone 8 idle-speed, no-wake zone is now activated

The Suwannee River Water Management District has issued the following warning regarding the sewage spill which continues in Valdosta, and a notice of rising waters in the Suwannee and Santa Fe basins.Scroll


The Florida Department of Health in Hamilton and Madison counties issued a joint health advisory on April 5 to residents and visitors near the Withlacoochee River in north Florida. The city of Valdosta, Georgia has reported a spill made up of a combination of stormwater and untreated sewage that has overflowed into tributaries of the Withlacoochee River. Until further information is known regarding possible contamination of the river, people in the area are urged to take precautions when in contact with the Withlacoochee River. Please contact the Florida Department of Health for additional information.

The Santa Fe River’s new Zone 8 idle-speed, no-wake zone is now activated, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWCC). This idle-speed, no-wake zone is activated when the Santa Fe River at Three Rivers Estates gage reaches 17.0 feet NGVD29 (16.25 feet NAVD88) and will stay in effect until the water level at that location recedes below 17 feet NGVD29.

Zone 8: From the unnamed island located at 29° 54.527’ N, 82° 46.074’ W downstream to the confluence of the Suwannee and Santa Fe rivers, to include the Ichetucknee River upstream to the U.S. 27 Bridge.

Please note that all river levels and forecast stages currently provided on this page and related pages on are all referenced to the National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929

The National Weather Service updated the flood stage for the Withlacoochee River near Pinetta from 79 ft NGVD to 74 feet NGVD in 2015. This change was recently updated on this webpage. Impacts associated with specific river levels at this station have not changed.

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