Saving Water Like Pulling Teeth for Some




bill conrad
Mayor of Newberry

“…an ordinance like this is just a thorn in our side, a difficult thing to regulate and something that’s just not going to do any good.” says Newberry mayor, Bill Conrad, referring to landscape irrigation regulations.

Alachua Co. leaders have continually delayed proposed landscape irrigation rules to accomodate the county’s incorporated cities so they can have more input.  Much of the Floridan aquifer underlying Alachua County flows generally northeast toward the Santa Fe River, thus what happens in this county directly affects our river.

No one likes to sacrifice, and landscape irrigation conservation pales on the agriculture scale, but yes, it is something that is going to do some good.  How could it not?

Commendations for the Alachua County commissioners for once again showing their forethought and wisdom in caring for our aquifer and for taking action instead of just talking about it.

Sun reporter April Warren

April Warren writes about this  Aug. 27, 2015 in the Gainesville Sun, hard copy.

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