“So Says The Science” More On Sleepy Creek

Sleepy Creek Lands, 24,000 acres in Marion County

Today’s Gainesville Sun has as the featured editorial “So says the science”  a summation of the latest controversy over the additional request by Sleepy Creek (formerly Adena Springs Ranch) for 1. 12 million gallons a day of water.    The Sun has been a community leader in recognizing the need, and advocating  for better water management in our area. This excellent editorial outlines the importance of this issue, which can be read  in its entirety at this LINK.  ScrollThe staff of the St Johns River Water Management District  have recommended denial of the new, additional permit.   On August 12, 2014, the Governing Board of the SJWMD in Palatka will convene to determine the outcome.    This  decision is of paramount importance in that we may see progress in slowing down withdrawals from  our overpumped aquifer.   The governing board finds itself with an opportunity to show leadership in managing our waters by choosing the right decision, which would surely have ramifications throughout the other districts.  

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