Scheme to Control All of Florida’s Water

Water Grab?

Rose Carolyn,

The growth machine is back to its old tricks. Big developers want to drain north Florida, its rivers, lakes, and springs, in order to fuel more unsustainable development in central and south Florida. North Florida can’t afford to lose the water and the last thing central and south Florida needs is more poorly planned pavement.

Those facts aren’t stopping a powerful group of developers and agriculture moguls, represented by the secretive Council of 100, from wanting to concentrate control of all Florida’s water in the hands of one statewide commission, which they can more easily manipulate.

Florida’s rivers, lakes, and springs are among our most precious resources, providing habitat for wildlife, clean drinking water for residents, and some of the state’s most visited attractions.

It’s bad enough that the legislature passed, and Gov. Crist signed, SB 2080 earlier this year, which made existing regional water management districts less accountable to Floridians.

What Florida needs now more than ever is a real focus on using less water, not schemes to use more. Of course, big developers and their allies in the Florida legislature want to take us in the opposite direction: wasting more of our precious water resources so they can build more strip malls, golf courses, and unneeded and unsustainable housing developments.

Water is finite, but developers always want more, more, more. Let’s demonstrate to the legislature that Floridians won’t stand for this “Big Water Grab.”

For progress,

Mark, Jon, and the rest of the Progress Florida team 

PS: Opposing big developers and corporate moguls is work that won’t make us any friends in Tallahassee. We depend on people like you to fight the good fight. Please make a financial contribution of $20, $30, or more. Thanks!


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