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bottled water dump In: ACTION ALERT: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River

In an effort to get the word out to stop buying this stuff, referring to single-use plastic bottles of water, OSFR got a team of volunteers together to create our own Public Service Commercial.  The team:  Kristin Rubin, Patty Street, Bill Basta, Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson and the Director, Videographer, and Editor Doug Jipson got to work.

We had excellent youthful volunteer cast members:  Kenna Blackburn, Grace Blackburn, Victoria Griffin, Tanner Griffin, Isaac Augsperg, Liam Hunter, Ollivander Hunter, Stella Hunter, Alivia Hunter, Eli Hunter, Sarah Moody, Mia Walker, Madelyn Walker and Christin Landaeta.

Music by Don Austin, winner of the 2012 OSFR Annual Song Contest. Song title: Up and Down the Santa Fe With You.

We want to reach audiences far and wide with this, a generic “End bottled water” Campaign.  We recognize that the biggest problem with bottling our spring water is that people are buying it.  The most important and significant work that we can all do is to stop buying stuff that is bad for our planet.   Water in plastic bottles is bad for our planet.  If you do not like your own water, invest in a good household filtration system for your tap water and fill your own reusable bottle.
Save our springs and end the cycle of supply and demand; end bottled water.

Please use these hashtags to learn more about our own Santa Fe River situation.  #endbottledwater #dontbuythisstuff #OSFR #nobottledwater #NoNestle #SaveOurSprings

If you are able to help us get these on TV stations, these videos are filmed and edited in high quality made for broadcast television. Contact Kristin Rubin at

Here are the 30 second and 15 second spots.  We hope you enjoy them.

End Bottled Water Commercial (Our Santa Fe River, LLC 501c3).
30 second:

End Bottled Water Commercial (Our Santa Fe River, LLC 501c3).
15 second:



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  1. Excellent PSA! This is the kind of thing that will get peoples’ attention. Merrillee’s water bottle “shawl” at the meeting was great activist theater, too.

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