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Sen. Soto Gives Press Conference on Fracking Bills

President Malwitz-Jipson and Sen. Soto

Yesterday in Tallahassee it was a big day for the fracking future in Florida.  Sen. Darren Soto gave a press conference opposing HB 1205 and HB 1209, two bills put forth by the petroleum industry under the guise of tighter fracking regulations, but which in actuality legitimize, and authorize the fracking process all the while giving the DEP’s  blessing as it damages our environment.

Our Santa Fe River had a strong presence at the press conference, joining forces with ReThink Energy Florida, Sierra Club, The Environmental CaucusPhysicians for Social Responsibility,  and others, with visits to three legislators.  Later in the day, President Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson spoke before the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Subcommittee, giving sound reasons why the bills will take Florida in the wrong direction.

Even though public comment was overwhelmingly against these two bad bills, only Rep. Clovis Watson and Rep. Bobby DuBose had the foresight and wisdom to see through the facade of these bills and vote in opposition of both.  On HB 1209,  they were joined by Reps. Edwards and Lee.

Two of the very few speakers supporting the bills were Mr. Brewster Beavis from Associated Industries of Florida, an organization not known for helping the environment, and Mr. David Mica, Executive Director of Florida Petroleum Council, and who also co-chairs the Energy Council of the Associated Industries of Florida.

Please click below to see TV clips from the press conference:

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