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Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

Tallahassee has sold out to the fracking industry.  Come to Gainesville Sat. Jan. 30 at 4 pm to tell Senator Bradley that the will of the people has been bypassed for money.

On Wednesday, Jan. 27, the Florida House of Representative’s vote opposed the will of the people of Florida and put our public health at risk!
Get Angry and Get Active!
It’s time to DEMAND of the Senate that they listen to the People of Florida!Saturday afternoon will be a Day of Action – come out – and bring your friends – to tell our Senators – No Fracking Way should they vote to pass Senate Bill 318!Your voice matters because your vote matters!Rallies currently planned in the following locations :

Miami, FL: 3050 Biscayne Blvd (Outside Senator Margolis’ Office), SAT 4:45 PM EST. Point Person-Andrea Cuccaro.

Orlando, FL: Constitution Green, SAT 4:00 PM EST. Point Person-Lisa Ray.

Tampa/St. Petersburg: Clayton Lake, on the corner of Vonderburg Drive and S Parsons Avenue in Brandon, MON 5:30 PM EST. Point Person- Michelle Allen.

Tallahassee, FL: Cascades Park, SAT 12:30 PM EST. Point Person- Fran Sullivan-Fah and Others

Gainesville, FL: 530 West University Avenue (Outside Senator Bradley’s Office), SAT 4:00 PM EST. Point Person- Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

The next action will be full scale demonstrations all over Florida THIS SATURDAY.  We are taking to the streets in front of the home offices of our Senators. Demanding that they stop SB 318.  We do not want regulations as we see it as a fracking gateway bill.  We demand an outright ban on fracking in FL.
We are planning to march with colorful hand made signs, mostly dealing with health issues related to fracking. Your people will have to make their own signs.
Health and carcinogens were the amendments that got the most interests from the Republican side in the House debate on amendments  on the Floor this past Wednesday.
This will be a somewhat spontaneous and organic peaceful demonstration. The event should last 15 minutes but plan for an hour on either side, total. We need 2 – 3 speakers for each event.  An elected leader who shares our belief that fracking is inherently bad and a health professional who knows the health crisis of fracking. And maybe a leader of a group. AND, good photographers and press must be notified.  This is a photo opportunity waiting to happen with the good signs telling our messages.  Those photos and messages to get the Senators to stop this injustice of spending their time in Tallahassee pandering to the industry must end.  Send the photos after the event far and wide.

One more action for sharing now:

Fracking action in FL: next Senate hearing: Appropriations Committee: CALL Senator Lee to ask him to NOT put SB 318 onto the agenda….
“Senator Tom Lee is the chair of the next committee that could vote on pro-fracking legislation. Please ask Senator Lee’s office to reject bringing up SB 318, the weak pro-fracking bill and instead ask that he take a strong stand against fracking.


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