Sharing The Water: Conference on Floridan Aquifer Oct. 2-4, 2014 Monticello, FL

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Old opera house in Monticello, site of conference

The Old Opera House in Monticello, FL, will be the site next week on Oct. 2-4 for a conference on the Floridan aquifer.  Speakers will be many and varied;  they include geologists, attorneys, water management employees, cattle ranchers, politicians, environmentalists, scientists, and representatives from energy and agriculture companies.  From the list of sponsors, it might seem that the big water users outnumber the environmentalists.   Following is the information taken from the Main Street Monticello Florida, Inc. website:

Sharing Water: The Floridian Aquifer in Alabama, Georgia and Florida

October 2, 3 and 4, 2014
Opera House
By Main Street Monticello Florida, Inc.

Sharing Water: The Floridan Aquifer in Alabama, Georgia and Florida

By Main Street Monticello Florida, Inc.

Contact: Anne H. Holt, Conference Coordinator- email: [email protected]

Please join us for Main Street’s Sharing Water Conference scheduled for October 2, 3, 4, 2014 in our Opera House. This conference is patterned on our award winning First Floridians Conference presented in 2012. We expect three to four hundred people to attend in Monticello’s beautiful 1890 Opera House. The Sharing Water Conference will attract experts and laymen alike to discuss the future of the Floridan Aquifer. Public discussions on protecting this important resource will continue and grow in the next few years. We believe bringing together interested and involved voices from the three affected areas will result in an exchange of information that will encourage cooperation. We also believe an informed and interested public will support thoughtful planning by our leaders. Conference speakers and many attendees will be employed in water management, agriculture and industry. Please see the Conference Dates & Schedule of Events page on this site for more information on the events that will be held. Confirmed Speakers Include:

Moderator: Dr. Ann Shortelle, Executive Director, SRWM

The Floridan Aquifer: Dr. Jon Arthur, PG, FloridaState Geologist

Statistics on Water Use and Supply Trends for the Aquifer: Dr. George Cole, PE, PLS, Governing Board, Suwannee River Water Management District

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Georgia – David M. Moore Emory Law

Florida Richard G. Hamann U of Fl College of Law

Groundwater Depletion in US Leonard F. Konikow, Scientist Emeritus, USGS

Moderator: Douglas Manson, Attorney at Law, MansonBolves firm

FloridaState Representative Halsey Beshears

Environment – Eric Draper, Exec. Dir, Audubon Florida

Public Water Supply, Tony Cunningham, PE, Gainesville Reg. Util

Agriculture, PaulGenhoLand Manager – Mormon Church

Industry, Chet Thompson P.E., Buckeye Florida, L.P.

Florida: Don Quincy, Chairman, SRWMD Board

Recreation, Agriculture, Industry and Drinking – Florida Senator Bill Montford

Steve Wingate, City of Monticello Manager)

State Representative Halsey Beshears, President, Simpsons Nursery

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