Ridinghood 2

Brace yourself for the month of October, the infamous Madness & Mayhem will return to the scene of the crime.  The old school building in High Springs will be the haunt of Little Red Riding Hood’s  “Don’t Stray from the Path,”   presented each and every Friday and Saturday night during the month, culminating on Saturday, Oct 31, Halloween night.  Little Red will be accosted by werewolves during the entire month, and who knows if she will survive that final night!

Little known sides of the Little Red story will come to light here, including the indescribably horrible GIANT MUTANT WEREWOLF, thought for centuries to be but a myth, but which was actually found to be alive and predating in the woods surrounding Red Riding Hood’s path. As if this were not enough, there are many other terrifying and disgusting creatures which populate those woods, including demons, zombies and other fierce beings which always seem to proliferate at Halloween.

Those who were unable to face the horrors of last year’s Haunted House will now have the opportunity to redeem themselves by journeying through Little Red Riding Hood’s infested werewolf4woods, and maybe even have the chance of meeting her.  Just a word, if you thought last year was scary, that was nothing compared to this year.  We have teams and stretchers available for those who have to be carried out.  And a mop team.

If their volunteers should somehow survive the Mayhem,  several charities will benefit from these shenanigans.  Among them of course, OSFR, Plenty of Pitbulls, High Springs Historical Society and perhaps another or two to be added.

But rest assured that your participation in these frightful activities will help organizations that do good work and are poorly rewarded. AND that no one here makes a dime. Everyone works for free,  (we try to werewolf5monitor closely those who tend to like it too much) and Andy Phelan, Terry Phelan, and Chris Scott put out expenses that are not recovered.  And now, M & M is an official non-profit.

See you in October, if you dare.

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