Protecting the Santa Fe River in North Florida

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Smithsonian Water/Ways Pre-Opening Fundraiser a Popular Draw!

Program Director Kristina Young, about to realize the moment she worked so hard for– the first viewers of the MOMS exhibit. Bodyguards are finally allowing access, under Kristina’s watchful eye. Poised to be the first are OSFR advisor Jim Gross and spouse. A suspenseful and pregnant moment indeed.

Traveling to High Springs from Tampa to attend opening ceremonies were Chris and Briget Hart, appearing here with Kristina. Chris did some of the art work for the fossil exhibit.

There was standing room only at the pre-opening ceremonies at St Bartholomew Church in High Springs where the long-awaited  day to see the Smithsonian Museum on Main Street exhibit finally arrived.

Karen Benz gives the keynote address on water, and had many interesting things to say about it. Excellent job.

There were introductory words by the mayor, by super-organizer Kristina Young, who put it all together, and keynote address by Karen Benz, who gave a great introduction to what it is all about–   water.

This took place tonight, July 15, and tomorrow is the big day for  the Grand Opening, free to the public.

Previews here of a few pictures of the great exhibits which will be seen tomorrow.  Results all, of countless hours of work by dozens of individuals.


OSFR banner depicting Outstanding Florida Waterways. Conceived by Merrillee and executed professionally by Terry Phelan with photo by John Moran


High Springs Mayor Byron Williams welcomes the exhibit and the group to High Springs and gives his and the city’s wholehearted endorsement.


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