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Solar Farm On The Way


Good news in the Lake City Reporter today, July 6, 2017.  Carl McKinney tells us about it right below.

Comments by OSFR historian Jim Tatum.
-A river is like a life:  once taken, it cannot be brought back-

Solar farm on the way

Eye of the beholder

954-acre facility would be able to power up to 15,000 homes, FPL says.



A planned 74.5-megawatt Florida Power and Light solar farm in unincorporated Columbia County would generate enough electricity to power more than half the homes in the county, according to the company. The facility, which would be located on 954 acres of FPL-owned land about two miles west of the Interstate 75/Interstate 10 interchange, would be capable of powering up to 15,000 homes, according to FPL.

Equipment on the unmanned solar farm will be quiet and there will be little traffic going to or from the property, according to zoning documents sent to the county. The solar panels will stand about eight to 13 feet off the ground, and the area below them will be covered in grass or other vegetation.  Most of the property is currently being used as pasture land.  Solar farms are a permitted special use in agriculturally zoned properties, according to the Columbia County Planning and Zoning Department.

Seven-hundred-and-one acres of the site were already zoned for agricultural use. The county commission in June approved rezoning the remaining 253 acres.
Equipment will be kept at least 50 feet from the property line. FPL constructed three 74.5-mega-watt solar plants in 2016 and plans to have eight more operational within the next year, not including the Lake City site, according to the company website.

Combined, the eight solar farms scheduled for completion by early 2018 would be able to power up to 120,000 homes. The company estimates the new facilities will result in a lifetime savings of more than $39 million for customers.   FPL says it will add nearly 2,100
megawatts of solar power by 2023.

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  1. This is good news and offers hope that perhaps FPL is grasping the truth –gas prices this summer when they should be their highest should give FPL a clue, too. Thanks for continuing your excellent work to make a difference —

  2. The ol coots at FPL are forced to read the writing on the wall, we want clean solar and not natural gas disasters. They are hardwired to their cronies in the fossil fuel business, so this gearing up with solar farms must be intimidating for them.

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