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Many of our readers are aware that OSFR has recently undergone many changes in its make up, leadership and organization, resulting in a new strong and vital group.  All of the previous members who had made the group the recognized force that it is, are still with us and continuing their contributions and activities.

In part because of the re-organization, and in part because of a lack of time for adequate preparation, the directors have decided to postpone the annual Song Contest normally held in October.  Not to worry, this popular and unique event will return soon, better than ever.

The Song Contest is a great event because it is about music and love for the river, jubilation and a celebration of the Santa Fe.  People from all walks of life come to hear about the river that they love. Everyone knows about the Stephen Foster song, but until the Song Contest was started, there were no songs about the Santa Fe.  Now there are 43.

OSFR Policy Director Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson said last year of the contest: “It is our hope that the entertainers take their original score and play it to a far-reaching audience, in the clubs, bars, events and for their own listeners so that when someone hears the song it will remind them how special this place is, and that it needs more protection.”  If the river is present in the songs and minds of the people, it will follow that they will work to protect it.

The contest will return soon; keep an eye out on these pages for news.

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