Sorry, I Didn’t Have Time to Call. . .




How often have we said –“Sorry, I wanted to call but I didn’t have time.”  Maybe you actually did want to contact your friend/acquaintance but pressing things continued to present themselves.

What you are really telling your friend/business associate is that you consider their feelings unimportant, or maybe you don’t even consider them at all.  Because you really did have time.  We all have the same amount of time in a 24-hour period.

It’s just a matter of priorities.  And if we want to do a certain thing, whatever it is, we will arrange the order of priorities so that it appears on the “do” list.

There is still time, and you have it, to register to vote if you have not done so.  This is a crucial period.  We have the opportunity to begin to change to solar energy. We have the opportunity to change our leaders, take out those who have proven they do not care about our water and resources, and vote in new ones who show signs of doing what they promise.

There is no wavering or doubts associated with Amendment 1.  It is written to keep the utility companies in business with the status quo of fossil fuels, and to discourage the consumer from switching to sustainable solar.  Vote against it.

As for the people to vote for, do a little research if in doubt.  During this election, it has become cool and the “in thing” to say you love the springs and will protect them.  For many this is lip service and it has no meaning.  Sometimes these tactics make it difficult to judge the candidate.  With an incumbent it is a little easier to see the record of what they have done while in office.  For others, you might think back if you have seen them at any water meetings, or at any rallies. Do they just talk or are they out there doing things?


  1. … it is very hard for some people to engage in any confrontation, if you give speaking points, or a flyer, I’m sure many more will be able to deliver 🙂

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