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Join the Florida Springs Institute for an in-depth course on Florida springs for all backgrounds. Held from July 25th-28th in Ocala, the Springs Field School explores topics on springs ecology, water use, pollution impacts, and environmental management.



Florida’s artesian (deep groundwater) springs are an important natural resource, providing the basis for extensive wildlife support and human recreation. These springs and the Floridan Aquifer that feeds them are under increasing threats from human activities, including flow reductions, nutrient increases, aquatic weed management activities, recreational impacts, and a variety of water resource development projects. A growing awareness of these problems is leading to a rapid increase in demand for knowledge about the basic chemistry, biology, and ecology of springs to be used for improved resource management. This course provides an overview of the current understanding of how springs are a product of their environmental surroundings and how they respond to management decisions.



 Intro to Florida’s Springs

Florida Karst Geology & Hydrology

Springs Water Quality Management

Springs Biology – Flora and Fauna

Water Physical and Chemical Properties

Utilizing Geographic Information Systems for Springs Conservation

Spring Flows and Aquifer Recharge

Springs Restoration


 Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area I Rainbow Springs State Park I Silver Springs State Park

Ocala Wastewater Treatment Plant I Ocala Wetland


More info and full schedule at www.floridaspringsinstitute.org/events/fieldschool

For $25 off the course, use coupon code FIELDSCHOOL when you register.


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