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SRWMD Appointmens made; Upcoming Decision on St Johns River Permit

Two items of importance in the Water Wars, one has occurred and one will occur in nine days.  The announcement of the new appointments to the Suwannee River Water Management District executive positions and Board of Governors was made. 

Who got what is in the Chiefland Citizen article “Don Quincey to lead SRWMD.”  (this article is no longer online)

Remember, we have no direct vote in who serves — these positions are considered by some as slices of the political pie.  The private citizen has no direct say so in who serves or how much tax they levy on us.

Coming April 13 is a historical water management decision – being made by the St. Johns Water Management District.  In a nutshell, the issuance of a particular permit to draw millions of gallons of water daily from the St. Johns River using a premise that would quickly, adversely and directly affect the Suwannee River Basins water. 

This permit decision will set precedence for all of Florida Water Management Districts.  This decision will occur on April 13 (see announcement below for complete details).  If this permit is issued in any shape, form or fashion the SRWMD will be doing the same thing, using this it as the precedent to justify taking our water for use outside the Suwannee River Basin. 

In my opinion,  this permit should be fought and defeated.  By helping to stop the approval of the permit in the SJRWMD, we directly protect Suwannee River water from a similar fate.  Our policy was, is and will always be:  Suwannee River Basin water should be used in the Suwannee River Basin only.   

Please attend this meeting if possible.  I know the difficulties of a trip that can be a half-day drive for some, like me, just to get to Palatka, and most will be missing work on a weekday that is the first weekday after Easter. The meeting starts at 1 p.m. 

Stan Meeks
Suwannee Riverkeeper

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