SRWMD RIVER Cost-Share Program Funds 13 Local Cooperators

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On March 12, 2015 at 05:24PM, Suwannee River Water Management District published the following article:

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SRWMD  RIVER  Cost-Share program funds 13 local cooperators

LIVE OAK, FL, March 12, 2015 –

Thirteen local government cooperators will receive over $1.6 million through the Regional Initiative Valuing Environmental Resources (RIVER) program of the Suwannee River Water Management District (District) thanks to the authorization provided by the Governing Board on Tuesday, March 10, 2015.

These thirteen cooperators will implement 16 projects designed to enhance or address water supply, water quality, flood protection and/or natural systems throughout the District. Cooperators will contribute over $1 million to leverage the RIVER cost-share investment to the advantage of residents and consumers District-wide. The City of Alachua, City of Archer, City of Live Oak, City of Jasper, Dixie County, Levy County, Madison County, Taylor County, Town of Mayo, Town of Trenton, Town of Branford, Town of Jennings, and the Big Bend Water Authority, are the proposed recipients of the 2015 RIVER cooperative program.

The proposed benefits of the 2015 regional projects include: improving wastewater facilities serving hundreds of residents and commercial entities, preventing potential discharge of 2.4 MGD of wastewater into receiving waters during various flood events, and significantly reducing nutrient leaching through the removal of a substantial number of septic tanks.

Some benefits from the previous RIVER funding cycles include: the prevention of 17 tons of suspended solids from entering surface waterbodies; the prevention of approximately 1 ton of nitrates through the removal of numerous septic tanks; the improved provision of water supply services for nearly 9,000 residential customers and several businesses; and increased flood protection for 55 homes just to name a few. Since 2012, the District has set aside $1.5 million each year to assist municipalities, governments, water authorities and other governmental entities with projects that follow the District’s core mission and adhere to best management practices.

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