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The five forward-thinking and fearless St Johns commissioners needed little convincing yesterday to sign on to a state-wide anti-fracking resolution.  Nevertheless, several speakers, among them two OSFR members, stood before them to underscore the dangers of fracking.  Unfortunately, we have no group picture of these loyal individuals, as the OSFR team had to leave hurriedly for the 3 hour 21 minute drive to Martin Co. for the BOCC meeting there.

St Johns commissioners James Johns, Jeb Smith, Chair Rachel Bennett, Jay Morris and Bill McClure

John Debus

Thanks go to John Debus and Chris Wadelton for spearheading this activity which bore fruit at this meeting. Also we should mention Neil Armingeon, Matanzas Riverkeeper,  Jan Brewer of the Environmental Division and Suzaanne Konchan o the St Johns Growth Management sector  who facilitated this resolution, as well as Vijay Satoskar, hydro-geologist from Jacksonville.

We should also note that both the Soil & Water Conservation District and the City of St. Augustine have passed anti-fracking resolutions.

Commission Chair Rachael L. Bennett spoke out strongly against fracking, emphasizing the importance of our irreplaceable aquifer and how it should be protected.  The commissioners had all done their homework, and as we have said, “If you understand fracking, you will oppose it.”

And they did.

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