Study to Evaluate How Changes to Forest Management Impact Water Resources


LIVE OAK, FL, May 7, 2014 –”

CONTACT: Vanessa Fultz, Office of Communications
Suwannee River Water Management District
386.362.1001 or 800.226.1066 (FL)

Florida’s five water management districts, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the University of Florida will analyze whether adjusting land management practices of forested lands will result in benefits to water resources.  Forestry-Water-Yield-Sustainability-Project-5-7-2014_201405071306265238 (2) State-wide pilot study will evaluate how changes to forest management may benefit water resources.

This is a statewide pilot project to advance the understanding of the impact of forest management activities on water yield and the potential for increasing regional water availability in various areas in the State.

Six sites across Florida will be evaluated, and two of these sites will be in the Suwannee
River Water Management District’s (District). One of the District’s sites will be the Little  River Tract in Suwannee County. The District is presently evaluating the location for the second site.

“The goal of the study is to determine how changes in management practices will affect water yield,” said District Executive Director Ann Shortelle.

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