Summer Late Day “Wine Down”

Beautiful Scene at Takeout, by Andy

Our events organizer, Sandy Hubbard, sent the following narration describing the recent Paddle Club paddle for June.  Thanks Sandy.Scroll

Here is Why Rhonda Won the Contest Congrats Rhonda!

Our Summer Late Day Wine Down was perfect for June.  Ten OSFR members and friends put in at High Springs boat ramp at 6PM.  We paddled leisurely upstream for about an hour…till the river widened.  Then the Wine Down began.

We grouped up and shared all sorts of tasty portable snacks and conversation. Rhonda’s hat was named “Best Hat.”  On our paddles, best hats will be pointed out and recognized as such when befitting.
When it looked to be time to do so, we packed up and paddle/floated back to the boat ramp.  We arrived just before full dark as planned, refreshed and well-paddled.
Paddlers included OSFR members Pam, Terry, Andy, Rhonda, Jim and Sandy.  Guests were JoJo, Jana, Maria and Kevin.

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