Suwannee Co. BOCC Votes to Send Letter to Army Corps of E. noting Sabal Discrepencies

SuwanneeBOCC speakers
Wayne Elison, John Quarterman, Debra Johnson and Chris Mericle, all spoke against the pipe

Tonight, April 5, 2016, the Suwannee County board of commissioners voted to send a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers expressing their concerns regarding the study for the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline.  As outlined in our post “Has Sabal Trail Withheld Vital Information?,” another geological study done by someone not paid by Sabal returned very different conclusions.

Commissioner Wesley Wainwright introduced to the board the agenda item requesting that the letter be sent.  Although Mr. Wainwright stated that he does not oppose the pipeline, he feels that there is sufficient evidence of discrepancies to warrant the request that  the Army Corps visit the site and consider outside evidence.

Discussing ensued, and the suggestion was made and agreed upon that the board would send a letter identical to the one that Hamilton County sent to the Army Corps, regarding the same concern.  WWALS member Chris Mericle provided the board with a copy of that letter some time ago.

OSFR was represented by your Newsletter writer, and others who spoke against Sabal Trail were Wayne Elison, Debra Johnson, Chris Mericle and John Quarterman.

Following is the letter from Hamilton Co., to be duplicated and sent from Suwannee County.

hamilton co letter




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