Suwannee Waterways Clean-Up, Thurs. Nov. 19. Suwanee, FL

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Fritzi Olsen of Current Problems recently sent this email:


The town of Suwannee is needing some help. They will conduct their part of the Great Suwannee River Basin Cleanup on the morning of November 19th.  You’ll be treated to a fantastic lunch of smoked chicken complements of the Waterfront Market if you can go.  You’ll also receive a nice canvas tote bag for your efforts.  Please take a look at the info and let them know if you can come help out.  I know they will sure appreciate it!Scroll

Suwannee Waterways Cleanup Thursday, November 19, 9:00 am Suwannee Community Center Trash bags and grabbers are supplied

Lunch of smoked chicken provided by Jerry Everett of the Waterfront Market.

Afternoon Presentations:  The Florida Paddling Trails Association- during lunch.

Friends of the Lower Suwannee Refuge- 1:30pm board meeting.
Sit in and catch up on what both groups are doing for our area.

This cleanup adds to Current Problems’ Great Suwannee River Cleanup.
The Great Suwannee River Cleanup adds to the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup

Sign-Up:  Debbie Meeks, at 352-278-5088.  [email protected]

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