Taylor County BOCC Votes For Anti-Fracking Resolution


Perrybocc2-voteThis evening in Perry, the county commissioners voted on the anti-fracking resolution proposed by Floridians Against Fracking at their last meeting.  Amalie Datz had worked hard to prepare the board by giving them pertinent information ahead of time designed to present important facts but not bore or tire the reader.

Commissioner Malcolm Page, far left, launched the vote by moving a motion to accept the ban resolution, next in the picture is County Attorney Conrad Bishop, then Patricia Patterson, an enthusiastic opponent of fracking, next Jody DeVane, a no vote begging a lack of knowledge about fracking, next a decisive Pam Feagle who wanted the ban and who seconded the motion, and far right Commissioner Moody, a no vote who does not like bans, but who has concerns for our aquifer.  So the total was three for the ban with Devane and Moody against.

Present at the meeting was a representative group of environmentalists, including OSFR.  Faithful from Tallahassee were Amalie Datz,  Ron Saff, Ray Bellamy, Howard Kessler, Shirley Zahn and Warren Brackman, and from Madison, Gale Dickert.

Thanks first and foremost to Amalie Datz and Ray Bellamy  for their pre-visits and information dissemination, to Gale Dickert for her phone calls, and to all the others for their time and effort.  Also of course to the forward-thinking commissioners who care enough to inform themselves of the issues facing their county and to take action.

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