Cynthia Noel


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Cynthia Noel has been involved in business management for over 25 years. Previously full-charge bookkeeper for several businesses, co-owner of C.J. Worldwide Export and D’Lites of Gainesville, Inc., now currently retired. Knowledgeable in accounting, inventory control for wholesale and retail establishments, human resources and payroll duties.

She is currently the treasurer and administrator for Grow Gainesville, a local food production network, a Master Gardener Volunteer with Alachua County Extension Office, Membership Chair for Our Santa Fe River, Inc., and active in the Stop Sabal Trail Movement, through accounting, fundraising and steering efforts.

Cynthia is a local riparian land owner on the Santa Fe River and is passionate about the issues that are affecting our waterways. An avid gardener, she practices permaculture techniques to use natural resources for soil building, uses no pesticides and practices water conservation with rain collection devices.

She is known to work efficiently and effectively with others, in group settings and individuals, with a strong work ethic and high moral character.

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