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Tell Governor Scott to Protect Florida Residents
Call for a Statewide Ban on Fracking!

Gov. Scott:    Stand Up for Florida!


Ban Fracking in Florida!

 This summer’s shutdown of an illegal fracking operation in the Everglades was a huge victory. But it’s also made us realize that Florida is truly on the front lines of future fracking, and we need to be doing more to protect our state from this dangerous drilling method that could poison our drinking water.

 Tell Gov. Scott, we will not stand for fracking in Florida!

Right now, other oil companies are rushing to lease land and set up drilling operations on 330,000 acres across the Everglades. Usually, complex problems call for complex answers; however, in this case, there is one person who can simply put a stop to all future fracking: Governor Rick Scott.

Fracking is now a statewide issue. Land in South Florida is being mapped out for drilling, wastewater from illegally fracked wells has been carelessly dumped in Miami-Dade County, and out-of-state frackers have plans to ruthlessly bulldoze an underground pipeline right through the middle of North Central Florida’s natural springs. We CANNOT continue this devastation!

As a leader of our state, Governor Scott should work to protect the people and places he represents. He should not cater to the corporate entities that plunder the natural resources of Florida, leaving residents to clean up the mess. Tell Governor Scott: issue a ban on fracking today!

Thanks for taking action,

Vickie Machado
Florida Organizer
Food & Water Watch

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