Tell SJRWMD Board to Vote NO on Tues. Nov. 10

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On Tuesday Nov. 3, Lisa Rinaman, the St Johns Riverkeeper, sent out the following important notice:


Lisa Rinaman


On Tuesday, November 10, the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) Governing Board will vote on the Central Florida Water Initiative water supply plans.
These plans are based on inflated water demand projections, threaten the St. Johns with massive surface water withdrawals, and encourage more unsustainable sprawl.  
Tell the Governing Board members to vote “NO” on the Central Florida Water Initiative water supply plans.  
Let them know you are opposed to surface water withdrawals from the St. Johns River and want water conservation to be the priority.
Once these supply plans are approved, it will be much harder to stop these ill-advised projects that threaten our river.
This critical vote takes place next Tuesday, the 10th!
SJRWMD Governing Board:
John Miklos, Chairman        [email protected]
Fred Roberts, Vice Chair     [email protected]
Chuck Drake, Secretary      [email protected]
Carla Yetter, Treasurer       [email protected]
Doug Bournique                [email protected]
Doulas Burnett                  [email protected]
Ron Howse                       [email protected]
George Robbins                 [email protected]
For more information about the problems with the plans and the potential impacts from water withdrawals, visit our website.

As a condition of its permit to build a pipeline into the St. Johns River, Georgia-Pacific (GP) had to conduct an extensive biological survey to analyze the effect of the relocation of its effluent.
The survey shows that a significant decline in biodiversity of macroinvertebrates (very small organisms like worms and crustaceans) has occurred since the discharge was relocated into the river.  While the report does not single out GP as the cause, it does say that the “discharge relocation cannot be ruled out as a source of variance.
Unfortunately, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has failed to require any further action.
Contact FDEP and tell them to continue the monitoring and get to the bottom of the significant biological shift that has clearly taken place in the river. 
Paula Cobb
FDEP Deputy Secretary for Regulatory Programs
[email protected]
Drew Bartlett
FDEP Deputy Secretary of Ecosystem Restoration
[email protected]
Jon Steverson
Secretary of FDEP
Additional monitoring is the only way to find out what is responsible for the decline in biodiversity that has occurred in the St. Johns since the relocation of GP’s wastewater.
Read more about this issue on our website.
We must keep the pressure on to make sure they follow through with their responsibility to our river!
For the River,
Lisa signature 249w In: Tell SJRWMD Board to Vote NO on Tues. Nov. 10 | Our Santa Fe River, Inc. (OSFR) | Protecting the Santa Fe River
Lisa Rinaman, Your St. Johns Riverkeeper

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